When going for a baby shower of a friend you at times experience a hard time choosing a gift that you will take for the family and kid to be born in particular. Planning out early and well will ensure you don’t get it all wrong. It also becomes a nightmare for the yet to be born baby’s parent to plan the favors and souvenirs to give to the guests.

It is important to note that baby shower souvenirs from the guests should be well researched to ensure that you know what theme the family has chosen. It is normally a tradition to choose color blue if the baby expected is a boy and color pink if it is a girl. Ensure you know well before you go to purchase baby shower souvenirs for the occasion.

As a host for the party, prepare early for the event. Make sure everything links to the baby shower souvenirs because it is the baby’s day anyway. Even if you are preparing any cookies, chocolates and candy; just make it to reflect the shapes associated with baby regalia like baby bottles and rattles.

Stick to the color and have thank you boxes that will also hold some of the personalized gifts to your guests. If you choose blue as your color, it should be reflected in the d├ęcor for the favors. Harmony should be maintained in all the set up and wrappings.

Carry a basket of scented candles decorated in the theme color of the day. This is a good gift especially to the mother who will most likely be pleased and appreciative of your gift. This can be placed later in a visible space within the house as a reminder of the special day; colors evoke emotions and memories so don’t ignore it all together just make sure you wrap it properly.

You can also be creative by going a step further to curve out rounded soapstones in the shape of goose eggs. This is not only contemporary but stylish in nature and has been used over and over again. A good finishing is enhanced by painting them in the chosen color of the day and through in some gold color for some of the ‘eggs’; you can never go wrong with gold.

It is good to make sure you buy a bunch of hand-made flowers and glasses for your guests. This may sound awkward and lowly for you but they will always remember this items that you give them. Ensure you go for simple but good quality glasses; again the packaging should be done well to enhance the package altogether.

Finally, you can through in a gift in form of a decorated baby onesie. Choose marble to come up with a simple but long lasting piece of art for the couple to enjoy. You can have them in different sizes and shapes to capture a varied set of designs available in the market; generally, it all has to do with planning to have an effective exchange of gifts.

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