Having Fun at Nursery

For lots of children, nursery might be the first chance they get to interact with children other than their siblings. It’s a very important time, as it means they can start to make friends, learn about sharing and find activities that they enjoy. It might be the longest time they’ve spent away from their parents, so it’s important that your little one has a good time and that mum and dad are reassured that their child will be happy.

Most of nursery involves playing, which all children love. Children generally get to choose their own activities, so you can start to find out what your child enjoys without having to buy lots of expensive equipment yourself. They can try their hand at arts and crafts, or they might find an outdoor game that they particularly love. Lots of children might find that they develop their language skills quickly by talking to nursery staff and other children.

Make sure you maintain a good relationship with the nursery staff to find out about what your child has been up to, who they are friends with and whether they’re experiencing any difficulties. If there is anything you’d like your child to do, speak to the staff and find out if there are any opportunities to develop any particular skills.

Often, there are chances to do group activities such as games, singing and group reading. This teaches your child how to behave around others, and can teach them invaluable social skills. It’s especially important that children get used to being around others before they start school properly, so encourage your child to speak to others, and maybe arrange play dates with other parents in a similar position. That way, you can get to know your child’s new friends and see how they act around others.

If your child has any dietary requirements or allergies, be sure to make all of the staff aware of this. They will then know what they can and can’t give your child to eat and drink so you don’t need to worry about any allergic reactions. If they have any medication they might need, make sure a supply is kept at the nursery in case of any emergencies, and keep your contact details up to date. This will give you peace of mind, as you know that you can be contacted if any problems arise. Your child’s safety is paramount, and you will feel much better if your child is safe, happy and having fun.

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