Family Journal: G's First Visit at Singapore Zoo

We've been to Singapore Zoo countless times. The last time we visited my girl's cousins there (K calls the squirrel monkeys her cousins, LOL), there are sections of the zoo that are closed due to upgrading in progress.

Since we missed tagging along with my sis and her family during their visit last month because hubby and I had to work and K had to go to school, we decided to give K's cousins a visit again last Friday. We took the chance to go on a weekday while the hubby and I were on leave.

I anticipated less crowd but surprisingly, there was still a snake of long queue at the ticketing counter. I have forgotten it was school holidays for the kids in Singapore hence my prediction failed me.

We let G explore by himself and he didn't show any fear for animals, be it to the real and fake ones. He giggled upon seeing the real animals while he refused to let go the fake ones with his tiny hands.

I love how curious my boy is. He didn't even bother looking at the camera because his eyes were glued at the flamingos and the water fountain.

The Frozen Tundra is a new attraction at Singapore Zoo. There's ice sculpting demonstration from 1st-30th of June every 1:30pm.

Because the polar bear was sound asleep, we only get to take family photo opp with the bear sculpture. My boy had a hard time saying bye-bye to it after that. LOL.

For the first time in history, we took the zoo tram. We prefer exploring Singapore Zoo by foot but with a hyperactive toddler in tow, we thought it's best if we don't tire ourselves from all the walking and save our energy for G.

Now you get what I mean, do you? LOL. That's my boy climbing up and down the benches of the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre while we are waiting for the Rainforest Fights Back show to start.

Hubby was hand-picked from the crowd to participate in the show. He was asked to take out the coconut husk using a tree stump. He's supposed to beat the ape in doing so. Of course he lost in the challenge. LOL.

After the show, we took the tram again and alighted at Rainforest Kidzworld where G had a whale of a time at the Water Play (water themed playground) whilst we took turns to eat lunch at KFC.

We all joined G for some water fun after filling our hungry tummies. I anticipated we are all going to get wet so I brought along another set of clothes for the whole family.

When we had enough of water fun, we went to feed the goats. G had so much fun watching the goat munch the leaves he fed them. Warning: Feeding with parental guidance is required otherwise your child may end up being bitten by the hungry goats.

The ever curious G. He kept shouting monkey, monkey, monkey! Hahaha! His excitement rubbed on all of us.

Here, he was so fascinated with the frogs. Such a happy baby explorer!

After exploring the Fragile Forest, the little boy was knocked off while waiting for the tram to take us back at the zoo entrance/exit. We had to exit at the zoo to go and explore the newly opened River Safari. Do check out Travel Delight for discounted admission tickets to Singapore Zoo.


  1. oh, time flies, baby G is starting to become such a big boy, but so cute and handsome, and such a curious explorer too, love the pictures of you all Che

  2. baby G is sooooo cuuuttteee especially when he smiles and the dimples come showing off your outfit! and laughing while thinking of Mondabest trying to beat the ape hahaha...whew, it must have been super awesome playing in the water! gee there are so many goats around our house that the kids complain having to feed them sometimes hahaha...will send a goat for baby G there wehehehe, super love the virtual tour....and yes K is lovely as ever!