Family Journal: What We Did Over The Weekend

Hi mommies and friends! I hope I am not too late yet to ask how did your weekend go? I hope you had fun as much as we did, most especially my girl. Meant to blog about our weekend on Monday during my lunchbreak but I ended up burying myself with other stuff.

Better late that never, right? I know... I know how cliche but hmmmn the procrastinator in me never fails to justify that phrase. Hehehe. Am I making sense here? LOL.

Let's do the flashback before I get carried away writing senseless stuff here that will bore you to death. :)

Saturday the first of June was my girl's first day of month-long school holiday. We had one on one date courtesy of OpenRice Singapore. We were invited to join Kid's Fun Day at The Grandstand so I asked K to wake up early. Out of excitement, she woke up at 6:30am. I cooked breakfast for us and ate with daddy before he left for work.

Thank God my boy was still fast asleep so I had time to pour all my attention to my precious girl. I braided her hair and while doing so, I was amazed on how she has grown so big. I so miss her babyhood but then again, this girl will always be my baby.

While waiting for the train, I took advantage of the perfect morning light and took the above photo. No editing was made, it was posted resized straight from the camera. I. LOVE. IT. Very fresh and unpretentious. K have this beauty that no make up is required to let her natural beauty shine. I may be bias as her mom but take a second look at her, isn't she beautiful? Can anybody please stop me from blowing my own horn? LOL.

The train was super slow so we alighted halfway and took a cab so that we could make it at the venue on time. I took the above photo using my phone upon twinzy's request. :)

We made it at the meeting place exactly at 9am. The Kid's Fun Day was a huge success! My girl brought home her cutest soap creations (above photo). You can read my blog entry about it here and here.

Sunday was my boy's turn to bond with mom-me while K attended her classmate's birthday party at Pasir Ris Park.

I told you, my girl had the most fun over the weekend. I took the photo above for her lookbook. My aunt who accompanied her to the party said K had a blast participating in team building games.

Here's an sms exchange with the mom of the birthday celebrant on Monday. Oh, I meant swell WITH pride. :D

On that note, let me leave you to ponder on this quote from Glennon of

I wish to go on with this weekend stories. Till then!

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  1. no, i WON'T STOP YOU, K is really so beautiful and pretty, no make up nor editing needed, her beauty speaks loudly of BEAUTY in simplicity, and her happiness as seen from her smiles and eyes are so contagious. so happy for you Che, you have such a brilliant girl, and am sure, soon, you will be enjoying the many talents of baby G too :)