4 Party Ideas for a Kid's Birthday

Planning a birthday party for your child can certainly be difficult, especially if you have a very picky son or daughter. But no matter what age he or she will be turning, you can definitely put a birthday party for them together that everyone will love and remember for years to come. The key is to establish a theme and then decorate your setting so that it matches the theme. Invitations that also show off the theme of the party will prepare the guests for what’s in store.

For some fun party ideas that you can incorporate into your child’s next birthday bash, continue reading. Remember to use your imagination to make each event truly special and unique.  

Tea Party for Girls

For a girly girl, a tea party could be the sophisticated party theme that makes her happy. Encourage guests to come to the party dressed in formal attire, and decorate the room with everything from delicate flowers to lace tablecloths. Up the elegance by playing some classical music in the background and providing fun finger foods that little girls will devour.

Sports Party for Boys

For boys who love sports, a birthday party that is centered around their favorite activity could be just the right match. Decorating for these types of parties is easy. Whether your child is a fan of football, basketball, or baseball, you will find plates, cups, banners, tablecloths, and more all decorated to match the theme. Purchase a specialty birthday cake in the shape of the ball that is used in the sport of his choice. If the birthday takes place during a season when the weather is great for spending time outside, you can even have all of your guests split up into teams and play a game or two of soccer, basketball, football, etc.

Spa Day

Yet another popular birthday party theme for girls is a spa day. You can either have everyone meet at a salon (be sure to book your appointments ahead of time) or you can set everything up at your home for manicures, pedicures, and hair styling. Every little girl will surely feel pampered and loved.

Animal Themed Event

Throwing a birthday party centered around an animal theme is a great idea, especially if your son or daughter adores animals, such as specific species of wildlife or domesticated pet species. When it comes to decorating for an animal themed party, you can set up stuffed animals around the room and even design the birthday cake in the shape of your child’s favorite animal. Use paper plates and cups decorated with the design of the animal as well.

In addition to decorating for this type of event, you can encourage the guests to actually dress up as their favorite animals too. Kids animal costumes are inexpensive and easy to find, so parents will be more than willing to help your party come alive by dressing their kids up for the event. Once you have your menagerie in place, the party can really get started.

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  1. ...the animal themed event is what excites me most as you well know my Roel is so into pets! :)