Soap Making Class at AdamHue Pte Ltd

Kid's Fun Day at The Grandstand 3rd stop: AdamHue Pte Ltd

After needle-felting and UV resin crafting at San Merinos, we headed to AdamHue Pte Ltd for the Soap Making Class.

The kids were provide with 250g of solid clear soap base. They were asked to pour half of it in the beaker then AdamHue staff helped them melt the soap base in a microwave.

While waiting for the soap base to melt, they were asked to choose 2 fragrances and 2 colours for their DIY soap. They were shown samples of soap made at AdamHue too so that they will have a rough idea of the finish product feels and looks like.

Finally, the melted soap base arrived. That's my girl mix the colour of her choice in the soap base. I thought she choose blue for a change.

Then I realized she mixed blue and pink to make a purple soap. Clever girl. :)

AdamHue has the cutest soap molds that your kids will surely love.From cupcakes to Hello Kitty to butterflies, bees, ladybug and dragonflies. My girl had a hard time choosing which soap mold to use.

There she was, pouring her soap mix into the Hello Kitty mold. She had a fabulous time making her first own soap. It was an amazing experience for her!

Presenting to you my girl's soap creations! Aren't they soooooooo cute?! I shared the photo in Instagram and FB and it garnered many thumbs up. Thank you AdamHue and staff! My girl had so much fun in the soap making class. AdamHue offers soap and candle making class to children as young as 4 year old and above for a limited period. Worth giving it a try!

Shopping deal alert! AdamHue is giving away a set of Biogen White Solution when a costumer purchase a full set of G7. Biogen White Solution is a 6 week treatment to achieve a whiter and glowing skin. Thank you so much for my beauty loot, AdamHue!

AdamHue Company specialized in enzymatic cosmetics using germinated and fermented seeds 
& grains. Brand name GF7 is new in Singapore but selling well in Boston, Chicago, Shanghai, 
France, Switzerland and South Korea itself. GF7 uses the latest Nanotechnology to extract the 
enzymes from the germinated and fermented grains and make it into enzymatic cosmetic. 
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The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994
Contact no: 64671008

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