Tea Party Ideas: My Girl's First Playdate

I am finally done settling my girl's things in her new room. She has been requesting for a tea playdate with her bestfriend so I thought it's the perfect time to do so while everything is freshly cleaned and well-organized. (FYI: Her previous pink room is not conducive for a playdate, and so is her former room from our old rented flat.)

If you noticed from the photo below, we have passed down the master's bed to K. After all, it was really meant for her. It was actually what made my "groom my room" project complete. I thought of putting on a fancy-schmancy white mosquito net but because my aunt is sleeping with her, the hubby thinks it's not a good idea.

I will feature my "groom my room" project in another post and concentrate with the tea playdate instead. Yes, my girl is still so much into barbie at the age of almost eleven. I helped her set up table for two since it's going to be a one-on-one tea party with her close friend (the birthday girl that invited K to her party one weekend). Her bestfriend wasn't able to join the party.

*FYI: I wasn't very worried about her going after the image of Barbie (too flawless, too pretty and just perfect) because the last time we discussed about the bad effect of Barbie in some children, she told me BARBIE IS JUST A DOLL, MOMMY. Plus the fact that she's very vocal about not wanting to have big boobs and she doesn't dress skimpily. 

The pink round table, 2 green chairs (first photo) and the other teeny-tiny stuff are from her Barbie kitchen set which was a great steal from the thrift store. She lost the original menu list that came with a silver menu stand so she made one herself.

I helped K prepare plain cupcakes we bought from a bakeshop nearby. Topping it with colourful milk chocolates was her idea. She actually wanted to squeeze some hershey's chocolate syrup too but we ran out of it and we couldn't find any at the supermarket.

I brought inside her room our cheap bar cart from Ikea to serve as their tea bar. I got this idea from the lifestyle award-winning blogger Jenni Epperson.

Since it was a tea playdate, I took out K's Play-Doh for them to prepare more food. They made apples, pretzel knots and cheese out of it.

To fill the tea bar cart, I displayed K's huge burger which she got as a gift from McDonald's when she celebrated her 7th birthday party there. The Winnie the Pooh teapot was from her Pooh collection.

Since I got nothing to put on the lowest part of the bar cart, I placed her pink dog tissue holder. I was quite certain they will need some tissue paper to wipe their mess. :)

"Time to pour the tea!", K exclaimed. I opted to give them colourful Ikea plastic cups instead of proper tea cups. FYI: They didn't really drink tea as the girls aren't much into tea. Her friend requested for Ribena instead.

I left the room and gave them some privacy. I went to the kitchen and prepared scrambled egg, ham and cheeses sandwiches for them. I could hear them giggling non-stop from the kitchen and it made me giggle myself.  After serving their snacks, I went to check on my sleeping baby boy in the master room. I specifically asked K to asked her friend to come during her baby brother's nap time so that they could play in peace. Mommies with toddlers would know what I meant.

When I peeked half an hour later, they were preparing to play Monopoly. I also spotted some bead necklaces they created on top of the bar cart. I asked if they wanted me to peel them some apples, they said they are still full.

Needless to say, the girls had tons of fun! The planned two hour playtime was extended for another half an hour and they parted happily waving to each other.

Here's why you should arrange playdates for your child:
"Play is the business of childhood, allowing your child free rein to experiment with the world around him and the emotional world inside him." ~ Linda Acredolo, professor of psychology at the University of California 

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  1. I had my very first Barbie Doll when I was already huge hahaha, I always loved staring at the Barbie dolls for sale in the city and wondered when I will have one...K looks so happy playing! I wonder what she and her friend were discussing...love all the toys here and would love a bite or more of those cupcakes and the sandwich too hahaha, wish I could come over...but then again we are always playing message me what you are doing on your side of the world right? kisses to the pretty little girl who rocks your world! :)