Family Journal: Two Sweet Weekends

Side Story:

I am bugged by blogging block, or is there another precise word to describe how I've not been able to push myself to write a blog entry? See? I can't even find the right words to express what I wanted to say. Haha! Worst is, I can't even say that the hazardous smog has gotten into my brain (that's going to be such a lame excuse) because I have to admit that most of the time I am not able to express myself eloquently in writing. You may even find grammatically wrong phrases/sentences here and there in this blog.

In the course of time, I have learned to write to express and not to impress hence I can't really be bothered with grammar errors anymore. (Please buzz me though if you find one, and would you be so kind to provide me the correct grammar? LOL) I have been writing past tense word after using DIDN'T didn't you realized that? Hahaha! And the problem is I only spot my grammar errors after a loooong time. Needless to say I am always groping for apt words to describe exactly how I feel and I always have a hard time painting a vivid picture (through magical words) of the story I want to tell.  I am so jealous with my BFF who was gifted with free-flowing sensational and creative writing skills. Who says life is fair? LOL.

Main Story:

Okkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyyy... Enough of my BLAHberring. I have to remind myself that my family had two sweet weekends in a row and I haven't got the chance to write about it in the past two weeks. Ok, you know that was a lie right? I had the chance to do so but I haven't been in my usual blogging frenzy mode.

Let's do the flashback as early as Tuesday (can't wait for #flashbackfriday) already!

The other weekend, we celebrated Father's Day as early as Friday (hubby and I took leave from work). We brought the kids to Singapore Zoo and we also took the chance to explore the considerably new River Safari which is just a stone's throw away from Singapore Zoo. The kids had so much fun! Saturday, I worked half day and spent the rest of the day playing with the kids while Sunday was spent lazily at home with the kids. I cooked beef and macaroni spaghetti on actual father's day (Sunday) and as usual, the hubby and the girl raved about my simple cooking skills. Thank God my family ain't fussy when it comes to food.

Last weekend, the PSI reading has finally gone down to 77 so the hubby, our big girl and I took the chance to go to the mall while the little boy was having his afternoon nap. We actually went out to just buy a replacement for the light bulbs that busted and had no other plans but we ended up watching Man of Steel. I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed Iron Man 3. There's too much destruction of buildings here and there and instead of keeping me awake, it almost made me fall asleep. I am not exaggerating, I actually struggled to keep my eyes open but it was partly because Saturday afternoons I usually take a nap with my boy.

Sunday was pure bliss. We celebrated the little boy's 23rd month at home with some home-cooked food. My girl and I had so much fun in the kitchen while the hubby played with the little boy. The highlight of the day was savouring pancit, freshly baked bibingka and freshly made leche-tin (half leche flan-half gelatin). We really love perfectly ordinary Sundays with the fambam!

Post script:

At laaaaaaaaaaast, I was able to write a blog entry. What a great relief! I hope to get my blogging mojo back in full swing ASAP. Any tips on how to revitalize my passion for blogging and get my blogging frenzy mode back again? Been suffering from lack of inspiration lately and had to keep reminding myself that I am actually running a Purpose Driven Blog. I beg you to share me some of your overflowing creative juices! Pretties pleeaaaaaaase...

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  1. i hope to get my blogging mojo back too :) have several opps, but do not know how to write them, and you are so right, life is not fair, because our other sister, gee, she can whip a post in a matter of minutes and quality at that!! i too make a lot of grammar errors :(

    enjoyed reading always the updates about how your weekend goes Che, very family oriented and a great modeling of finding happiness in little things.

  2. psssttttt gee so glad to be able to catch up here!!!!!! been busy juggling my roles the past weeks...that I really feel how much I missed the real bliss of blogging...getting in contact with blogging dearies...the ones who always remind me that we are here to blog for a purpose :) love love love the photo of your "Mondabest," with cute baby G and lovely K...yours is a very beautiful family and I will always be a love you twinzypotsy!!