Types of Pushchairs in the Market Today

push chairsIf you are pregnant (or your partner is), there are probably all sorts of different thoughts running through your mind at all hours of the day. When is he or she due? Where on Earth are you going to find the room for the cot? Exactly how much sleep are you going to miss out on?

One thing that you probably haven’t even had time to think about yet is pushchairs. Because there are so many different models out there on the market, with roughly 17 quintillion variations and features, it can be mind-bendingly difficult trying to make the decision about which one is right for you.

Luckily for you, we know a lot about pushchairs and prams, so why don’t you make life a bit easier – instead of scratching your head and looking lost in Mothercare, simply read this article then go out with the knowledge still fresh in your mind.

Here are the major types of prams and pushchairs currently available on the market.

Three in One Travel System
These “travel systems” consist of a baby’s pushchair, a child car seat and a baby’s cot. The three in one can be surprisingly useful, especially if your darling little one is sleeping peacefully and you need to pop them in the car.

Because they do everything, they can be a nice space saver. They also save on the confusion surrounding car seats, but that’s material for another article altogether…

Baby Pram, Fixed Wheels
You all know what a pram is – big and bulky, but they allow your bairn to lie down fully. If you do a lot of walking on more difficult terrain such as grass and gravel, a fixed wheel pram is your best bet, as they are incredibly durable.

Baby Pram, Swivel Wheels
These are the same as above, but the wheels swivel around (as the name would imply) – this makes them good for getting around in the city when you need to make lots of turns and weave your way through endless pedestrians.

Baby Pram, Reversible Seat
This variation is pretty nifty – when your child is newborn, you can have them facing you in the pushchair, meaning they get the security of seeing a parent’s face, and then when they’re a bit older you can turn ‘em round to take in the world.

Baby Pushchair
Probably the most convenient type, as they tend to be able to fold up nice and small, meaning you don’t need lots of room to store them. Also, bus drivers frequently refuse the boarding of prams, whereas pushchairs should be fine.

You can lay them flat for a newborn, then sit them up as they get a bit bigger. Take a look at Cosatto’s products for some inspiration. Pushchairs can fit into a typical car boot, and their lightness makes them very practical for everyday use.

Twin Prams
If you happen to be the parent of twins, you don’t really have a lot of options. You can have your two little ones sitting side by side; this is the most common, but the wideness of the apparatus is impractical.

The more recent front and back variation allows your children to face each other, which is quite nice, and is easier to manoeuver, though still not particularly nimble.

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  1. We got a baby hanging out in our home, the hubby's nephew and those pushchairs are I think what we need when we take the baby exploring in the city soon!