Family Journal: Busy but Blessed Weekend

Happy Tuesday mommies and friends! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Ours was busy but very blessed.

I invited my college friends for lunch last Saturday. I have to admit, I am not very good at hosting. We haven't had any house-warming done after our intimate house blessing. After my sister's family visit last month, my friends all the way back from CEU Dentistry days are the first batch to visit our new house after we moved. The last time we all saw each other was during my boy's baptism. Gosh, that was 1 and half year ago! We have so much catching up to do.

I rushed back from work and cooked spaghetti with beef balls to top my ready to heat and eat roasted chicken and pizza that I bought from the supermarket. I prepared the dessert (fruit salad) on Friday night. We had so much fun eating and chatting like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, we did nothing the whole afternoon but eat and chat. We even baked bibingka and ate it with icecream for afternoon snacks then we ate the chocolate cake that Doc Ciel brought along  before dinner. It was literally a pig-out day but no regrets, we enjoyed the non-stop munching and chattering. :D


Sunday, I spent the whole day fixing my girl's new room. She used to occupy the smallest room in our new flat because it was painted pink (her favourite colour). I convinced her to transfer to a bigger room which was supposed to be a guest room turned daddy's home office slash my little boy's playroom.

My goal is to make her room pretty and neat so that she will be inspired to keep it that way. I couldn't achieve my goal from her previous room as there were no built-in cabinets for her stuff except for her clothes. I unscrewed the doors of the hanging cabinet of the guest room and turned it into bookshelves. The photo above was the outcome. I don't want to blow my own horn so please leave your positive comments in my comment box. Haha!

I also took leave yesterday to finish my "groom my room" project. It was very tiring but fulfilling. After beautifying my girl's room, I fixed the things inside our store room and kept the cabinet doors that I took out. I started fixing hubby's new office too.  I wanted to re-paint but hubby objected. He said it's his job to do so. So much things to do, too little time. I had to take care of the precious little one in between. But like I said, I was busy but very blessed.


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