4 Ways to Conquer PMS

So... It's that time of the month again and I am devouring on great quantity of food. I just ate my packed lunch for breakfast upon arriving my workplace though I have already taken my breakfast at home earlier. What is wrong with this hormone fluctuations?!

My niece shared the above photo in Facebook sometime ago and I felt relieved for being not alone in this monthly struggle. I suffer from voracious appetite, mild depression, anger outburst for no reason or rhyme. Oh, PMS I heart you not!

If you are with me in this dilemma, I came across this article from WebMD under Women's Health titled "Escape from Hormone Horrors, What You Can Do".

According to the said article, here's what we can do to lessen our suffering:

  • reduce salt intake (it will reduce bloating and water retention in the brain and may ease both physical and emotional symptoms)
  • cut out on sugar and limit caffeine intake (both sugar and caffeine can make PMS worst)
  • regular exercise (it will help you cope with PMS easier)
  • for additional help, consult your doctor

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