4 Factors to Consider Before Having Kids

Let me start off with if you wait till the absolute perfect time where absolutely everything in your life is in order to start having children, you will probably never have children. We all know that life is constantly throwing us curve balls and never seems to fully slow down. With this is mind there are steps that you can take and things to prepare, to create an ideal time to start having children.


Money is one of the most important aspects when having children. Although people have children all the time with little to no money and make it ok, it’s not the ideal situation. Children are extremely expensive and babies require even more to take care of them. Money is the number one biggest conflicts in most relationships and marriages and with a newborn is not the time to have to stress about such things. Waiting to have children until your savings account is very cushioned and you are financially well equipped to handle sudden emergencies and needs is the smartest thing to do.

Job Stability

When deciding to start having children at least one or both of the parents need to have a stable job that will work around having a baby. If the mother is planning on working through pregnancy and then returning back to work after she needs to have a job that offers great health care benefits for her and the baby and will also allow here plenty of time for maternity leave. If the mother is not planning on working than the same is required of the fathers’ job. The absolute worst thing that could happen would be to have a baby and one or both of the parents looses their jobs soon afterward. Job stability is a huge factor in whether or not you are ready to start having children.

Mind set

When you have children you have to be ready to completely change your mind set and outlook on life. When you have children you are not longer just responsible for yourself but another tiny human who depends on you for absolutely everything. When you have a child you need to be ready to stay at home for a while and not plan any large adventures. Having a child requires the mindset of them first and me last. Parents do not get to always do what they want to do when they want to do it. Being ready to have children mean that you are ready to change your mind set and ultimately the way you live entirely.

A Ready Home

When you decide to have children you need to live in a home that is ready and has room for this new little life. Homes that are older, dirty, and cluttered are not great places to have a baby. Babies are extremely fragile and their immune systems are not very strong so they require a home that is cleaned, picked up, and safe for them. Having a child also require baby proofing your home. Although babies can not right away get around the house on their own in no time they will be able to. Your home needs to be ready for this.Find a really cool feature that puts locks and alarms on gun cabinets, and medicine cabinets that can be monitored and changed from your smart phone. This is a great thing to have with children.

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  1. Raising kids is truly a lifetime commitment and it takes special people with not only caring hearts but ready pockets to make a child's life the best there is. Thank you for the inputs...this is great for couples out there still on the planning stage for building a family...