Worst Haze in Singapore

I was watching a local show yesterday and noted the PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) reading at 190 around 8pm (latest PSI reading flashes on the TV screen). When the show I was watching ended at 9pm, I thought the National Environment Agency (NEA) made a mistake by replacing the 1 of 190 in to 2 hence the reading turned into 290 suddenly. But then, I peeked by the window and it seemed like there was a fire from the neighbourhood because the smog was so thick. Sigh... So the reading apparently wasn't a mistake.

When my little boy finally slept around half pass 10pm, I checked the PSI reading again and holymolly the reading was 321 at 10pm! I couldn't believe it! I expected the haze to clear up sooner or later but to my horror it is worsening. Regular reading in a normal day in Singapore is only around 20-30 and it hit 321 last night. PSI reading 300 above is considered hazardous, my goodness what are we going to do?

Since Monday, I have instructed my aunt not to bring the kids outdoors due to the worsening haze. It was a little heartbreaking to do so because my kids loves playing outdoors. We bring them out in the park almost everyday to catch some fresh air and have some quality playtime in the playground surrounded by trees and flowering plants. They love the greens and colourful flowers, fluttering butterflies and beautiful singing birds but they are currently stuck indoors due to haze.

Thankfully this morning, PSI reading is 122 at 8am but when I was at the bus station at Dhoby Ghaut at 8:35am the buildings nearby is still covered with thick smog. As of 10am, the reading went up to 153 again. I already started having runny nose since Tuesday, I am praying hard this haze will clear up ASAP before more people get sick. For now, wearing a mask is a must and we have no choice but to keep the kids indoors until the air quality gets better.

*The last time Singapore saw such bad smog was in 1997, when the PSI topped 226.


  1. what was the cause of the haze Che, stay safe, hope you all are feeling well

    1. thanks Beth. it was caused by forest fires in Indonesia (apparently a result of illegal forest clearing according to the news) :(

  2. Wow, that's awful! Hope it clears very soon. Praying for wind for Singapore, to clear the air, and rain for Indonesia.


  3. Cherry take care alright! Drink lots of water!

  4. oh so glad it is already below 50 PSI as you messaged earlier today...but still please do take care twinzypotsy and praying the haze goes away completely :)