Kiddie Yoga Fun at YogaBugs

Kid's Fun Day at The Grandstand 5th stop: YogaBugs

YogaBugs is very proud to be described as the largest and most successful children's yoga specialist in the world. At YogaBugs, yoga postures,breathing and relaxation techniques are woven together into fun stories and games.

Traditionally, yoga is an activity associated with adults. I never thought the kids could benefit so much from a yoga too.

Having said that, let the kid's yoga fun begin!

Here's the yoga instructor introducing herself to the kids after which she also asked the kids to introduce themselves. The kids were provided with a yoga mat each and were asked to remove their socks.

They warmed up with some stretching. This helps the kids strengthen their legs and back muscles aiding movement.

After the stretching, the kids were asked to imitate some animal movements and sounds. This activity enhances creativity, imagination, improves self-expression and self-confidence.

The kids had so much fun portraying as animals, then they went on to a boat journey while the yoga instructor tried to stretch their imagination further by asking what things do they see in the river as they row the boat. The kids had a hard time rowing the boat so us parents were asked to join and help them. The kids loved the idea!

So the kids got really tired from rowing the boat. The yoga instructor asked them to lie down on the yoga mat and close their eyes. She switched off the lights and played a soft music with an angelic voice over that instructs to kids to rest their minds as they imagine themselves in a very peaceful place.

What a fun and relaxing morning! The kids thoroughly enjoyed their yoga session. Many thanks to YogaBugs and their highly experienced and kid-friendly yoga instructor!

Location: 200 Turf Club Road, #04-21 The Grandstand, Singapore, Singapore 287994
Contact no: 6469 1873

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  1. hahaha the kiddos look so cute portraying animals! this is so great to keep kids having healthy physical activity...makes me wish Roel could join the fun!