3 Stores the Kids Enjoy Visiting in the Mall

1) Toy Store - the kids love looking through lots and lots of toys. The girl's favourite is the Barbie area while the little boy is the car area. I call this place a toy heaven. We bring the kids here for window shopping because most of their toys are bought from the thrift store.

2) Book Store - my girl loves browsing through books particularly Geronimo and Thea Stilton books. The little boy seem to follow suit. He is slowly becoming a bookworm himself. I buy them new books when there is massive sale. Most of my kids' books are either borrowed from the library or bought from the thrift store.

3) Music Store - my kids are young music lovers. They love listening to songs, dancing in the beat of lively music and playing with the little organ we have at home. When we pass by this music store at the mall which right next to the book store, they automatically go inside to check out the drum sets, pianos, guitars, ukulele and surprisingly, even the rane mixer (can you spot rane mixers in the above photo?). When we have more than enough funds, we will enrol them for formal music lessons.

What about your kids, what are their favourite "stops" when you are inside the mall?


  1. kuya F loves the bookstore so much! while R always begs to buy toys inside the bookstore hahaha

  2. ahhh, kids always love bookstore, they thirs for knowledge, a very natural need. yes, i found the rane mixer.