8 Ways to Rebuild Your Life When You are Feeling Lost

There are many instances in life when we suddenly feel so lost and we don't know where to start all over again. I found the above photo from Positive & Inspirational Quotes FB Page and thought of sharing it with you as I have applied them in my life too and find it really helpful.

  • Love yourself, unconditionally ~ this is very important, you can't possibly love others without loving your own self first.
  • Release your bottled up emotions ~ don't carry extra and unnecessary baggage in your life.
  • Make time for long walks, alone ~ this is very helpful for soul searching.
  • Avoid living beyond your means ~ be contented with what you can afford.
  • Nurture your inner strength ~ make good use of your God-given talents.
  • Stop apologising for being you ~ I learned this the hard way, never say sorry for who you are.
  • Surround yourself with positive people ~ get rid of negative vibes and negative people in your life.
  • Embrace your situation, whatever it may be ~ love your life, it's a precious gift from God.
Cheers to a happy and peaceful life!



  1. ....and yep glad to have you who always shows me the beautiful side of life....

  2. cheers to such a happy, beautiful and blessed life Che.

  3. Such an inspiring post. I tried three times to pin it and something is going wrong with pinterest...

  4. really sound and inspiring thoughts Che, I found them to be very true as well for me, cheers to happiness :)

  5. I love these Che, I once feel for number 6 but realized that it was wrong. I do believe that having positive people around can really alleviate on how you perceive things.

  6. Very Inspiring! You do have to remove the negative people from your lives to happiness that is for sure! Even then not every moment is happy, I mean that's just reality! Being happy is the best feeling though!