Conversations with K: Favourite Animals

After our first visit at Singapore Zoo in 2005, I noted that my girl's most favourite animal is the squirrel monkey. This animal is too cute and playful hence it always get everybody's attention most especially children.

Fast forward 2013 (8 years later) while watching an animal themed show on iPad:

Upon seeing a kangaroo on the Ipad screen...

K: Kangaroo!!! Do you know that they are my third favourite animal, mommy?

MomMe: Really? So what's your first and second favourite?

K: Panda is my second and koala is my most favourite!

MomMe: Koala? I thought it's squirrel monkey?

K: Moooommmmmy!!! I don't consider squirrel monkeys as animals!!! They are my BROTHERS!!!


Side story:

I didn't get to write about the above conversation on my iPhone notes but I made a mental note that I am going to blog about it. So the other day, I kept thinking what was that funny thing my girl said again? Goodness, I couldn't retrieve it from my memory bank. Out of frustration, I did the last best thing to do:

Forgetful MomMe: Be (my term of endearment for K, short for bebe or baby), what did we talk about that night again?

K: *Thinking while pointing her index finger on the side of her forehead* Hmmmn, about icecream? Yes, we talked about icecream. You said I have grown responsible because no matter how daddy tease me by licking an icecream in front of me, I resisted the temptation of eating one myself because I just recovered from a cold.

Forgetful MomMe: Oh yeah, we did talk about icecream but there's another topic we talked about. Do you still remember what it was?

K: Oh, about animals! We talked about my favourite animals.

Forgetful MomMe: *Light bulb moment* Yes! Now I remember that funny thing you said! Thank you!

I seriously need to take note (write a note, NOT make a mental note because my memory always fail me) of all the funny things my kids sayli. :P

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  1. this is so funny, thanks for giving me tons of laughter Che by sharing your conversation with the witty K :)