Conversations with Kyla: Fruits and Veggies

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About two weeks ago, I posted this in my facebook account:

After breakfast...

MomMe: Anak (my child), eat more fruits. We have to be healthy to beat the smog hazards.
Kyla: Ok, ma. I will eat banana. 

Minutes later...

MomMe: You are done eating banana? Go and eat some apple.
Kyla: Mommy, I'm not a fruit eating machine!!!


Then I was reminded about this:

While having dinner...

MomMe: Why are you eating potatoes only? Eat carrots too! 
Kyla: But mommy, I don't really like carrots. Besides, I don't want to be over-veged
MomME: Over-veged? Where on earth did that word come from? There's no such thing as over-veged. Have you forgotten you need at least two servings of vegetables a day? 
Kyla: Ok, I will eat one slice. I just wish there is something like carrot fries then maybe I will start to love carrots. 

My girl says the funniest things that make me laugh so hard. I try to document it for posterity sake.

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