One Foodie Weekend

Hey there! Have you checked the weighing scale lately? If you just found out that you gained weight, fret not for you are not alone! Haha! My current past time is eating, eating and eating. Been indulging myself on good food the past couple of weeks. From one of the best ramen in town to one of the best desserts in town, then there was Kim Gary, Tea Loft, Pique Nique, Pizza Hut, home-baked goodies, etc.

As if those long list were not enough, I cooked salmon baked rice with mushroom for the fambam last Friday night. Yes I am now a self-proclaimed #cookingmomma, hooray!!! I will share you the recipe next time, my first attempt wasn't bad at all. The fambam loved it and the nanny commented it was good. I kept asking the hubby how was it because he is not so much of a mushroom person like me (I used cream of mushroom and fresh mushrooms) but he replied, "can't you tell from how much I have devoured?" Weeeeeee, success!!! I shall try again next time and promise to cook it even better (perhaps more cheese?). *insert all out smile here*

Came Saturday, we brought K to her catechism class and we decided to go to the mall to have snacks while waiting for her. Been telling the hubby to bring me to Little India to try some authentic Indian cuisine but he couldn't find time to do so. Good thing he remembered there's  Prata Wala at the basement of Tampines Mall, so off we went to satisfy our prata craving. The food we ordered wasn't bad at all. I will share with you what we had in another food post. 

Sunday, we had a delightful early dinner at Ichiban Boshi in Vivo City. Just the mention of it made me crave for more of their foods. Yes, it was that good. Hubby, K and I really enjoyed what we ordered. Will reveal soon in yet another food post. On top of the good food, we were able to eat peacefully because the little boy fell asleep on his pram after drinking milk. It would have been a different story if he was awake. Hehehe.

That wraps up our foodie weekend. We promise to do our best to eat as little as we can this week onwards. *Whispers ssssssh, promises are meant to be broken right? :P


  1. Promises to me are not promises if they are not broken wehehehe you are definitely not alone in gaining weight :) congrats on your blooming cooking career!! hehehe

  2. can't wait for the recipe, i make mushroom baked rice sometimes too, it is very rich and fattening, BUT, we do love it once a while. i have salmon on the side since hubby can't have too much fish.

  3. PS...the food looks so yummy!!