G's Tworrific Celebrations

Heeya peeps! How have you been? I hope life is treating you great. As for me, I have to say I am and will always be too blessed to be stressed. There are so many things I want to share with you but y'know the #lifeofaworkingmom is pretty hectic. Need I say the overused phrase "too many things to do, too little time"? There you go, I just typed it anyway. :D

Like I mentioned here, my little boy had a series of birthday celebration. We started celebrating as early as 20th (his actual birthday is on the 23rd). We were able to watch Despicable Me 2 finally and yes, that was my bday boy's first movie experience. Guess what? We finished watching the movie from start to end without having the need to bring the boy out. Thank God he isn't claustrophobic. He did give signals that he wanted to go out (that's when there are no minion sightings on the big screen, haha) nevertheless he sat still on my lap and daddy's lap without making a fuss.

After the Saturday family movie date, we brought the kids at Downtown East the next morning. G was so fascinated with the little train so I accompanied him and K for a spin. 

We wanted to go to Pasir Ris Park to have an outdoor birthday photoshoot before going for a swim but we ended spending the rest of the day at Wild Wild Wet after the train ride.

Hubby took leave on G's actual birth date and I was privileged to have been allowed to work under-time. We went to the church and had an early dinner at Pizza Hut after. 

The actual birthday celebration was held at home in the evening of the 23rd. It was blissfully chaotic. In case you missed it, you can read my blog post here.

Let's all have a great and productive week ahead! 

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  1. Oh so love baby G and Mondabest photo!!! M sure knows how to make G smile....boy thing!