Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Boy!

Until today, I still get teary-eyed when I look back on the fateful and blessed day I gave birth to you. Your name fits you perfectly Gian Carlo, because you are indeed God's gracious gift!

You were baptised a few days before Christmas. We were all delighted to welcome you to the Christian world where God's love is abundant and unconditional.

Your first Christmas was filled with love and blessings. You've shown us what real happiness and contentment means. Your presence was a constant reminder to us that God is magnanimous.

Your first six months on earth was full of bliss. We never failed to thank and praise God for keeping you healthy and happy.

We celebrated your first year on earth with an intimate party we never thought you would love and enjoy so much.

So today, as we celebrate your tworrific birthday we want you to know that we love you to the moon and back. We are very blessed to have a smart, handsome and bubbly little boy in our lives! Happy, happy birthday our precious little boy!

With all the love our hearts couldn't contain,
Dada, Mama and Ate


  1. ...and until today when I hear your mom speak about your birth story I get teary eyed....you are such a precious gift...a reminder to all that in God's time everything falls into place...happy "two"rrific birthday gorgeous G!!!!! kisses from tita KULASA...kuyas F and R mwahhh!!! :) I bet your ate K has showered you already with gazillion hugs and kisses today....:D

  2. ...mom speaks..not speak :)

  3. oh so cute, indeed, you are so blessed to have baby G, he is such a joy and your first picture of him is so priceless. happy 2nd year birthday, baby G.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful memories. happy birthday, little boy!