How To Get Some Time Alone as a Parent

Any parent in the world knows that it can be difficult to get any time to yourself when you have little ones demanding attention all the time. But it doesn’t even stop with children. Even teenagers seem to need just as much attention, whether it’s finding their football kit, asking for ‘just another £10’ or asking for a lift. How on Earth are you supposed to spend any time on your own or with your partner when you have children?

If you have a problem with sleeping in because your child likes to come in and wake you up early in the morning, or comes in for middle of the night visits, you should think about attaching a bolt or a latch inside your bedroom door. Go for something sturdy and stylish; an iron bolt should be perfect. This means that if there’s a real emergency, they’re not trapped in their room, but hopefully they will get bored when they can’t open your door and will go back to bed.

Consider engaging in a playdate with other children from their class. That way, in exchange for giving up some of your own time to look after the other child, you get a couple of hours to yourself in exchange. Besides, after looking after two children, your own should be a breeze in comparison! To make it easier for you, think about taking them to do an activity they can enjoy together while you sit and read, such as an art or dance class.

The key to keeping your kids quiet is to get them interested in something. Maybe they’re artistic, so would appreciate a set of art materials. Maybe they like building, so you could get them a construction set and see what they can come up with. This should buy you a little time to watch the show you’ve had recorded for weeks or to read the chapter you haven’t yet had a chance to finish.

Signing your children up for after-school classes is an excellent way to buy yourself some time. You know you will be guaranteed regular hours each week to spend as you wish before you have to pick them up again, and your child will benefit from the new skills they pick up and the time they get to spend with their friends outside of normal school lessons. If you can encourage them to take an interest in a couple of different classes on different nights, all the better for it!

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