Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant (Tampines 1)

We had lunch at Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant last Father's Day. We were window shopping at Tampines 1 when we passed by the restaurant around lunch time. 

Never heard nor tried Kim Gary before but the crowd that day made me think the food they serve must be palatable. 

Well, I wasn't mistaken. Even their soups did not disappoint our tastebuds. I prefer the cream soup over Borsch. It blended perfectly with the warm and crunchy toasted garlic bread which I failed to photograph.

They serve drinks in cool glasses. I had strawberry with aloevera (must try), my girl had mango smoothie and hubby had lemon drink.

 Hubby ordered the Steak Hot Plate Set Meal for himself. It is grilled US sirloin steak in sizzling plate. It came with potato wedges, broccoli, tomato, and corn.

Surprisingly, my chicken lover girl ordered Roasted Spare Rib with Honey and took a break from her usual dose of chicken.

Nothing new with the seafood and cheese lover me. I had Norweigian Salmon Seafood Baked Rice (must try) in double cheese. It came with generous serving of salmon, a piece of scallop, a piece of mussel and a piece of baby octopus. The seafood are really fresh and juicy. The only thing I didn't like was the baby octopus because it was marinated in a sauce that my tastebud dislikes.

What I love about Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant is their HUGE servings. I call it value for money. We had to take home hubby and my girl's half plate left-over because I shared with them my big serving of delicious baked rice.

My overall rating for the food, service, price points and ambiance: 3.5/5

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  1. hmmmm great review! I wonder why K chose beef this time :) oh the drinks look cool indeed! the glasses are sexy looking eh hehe...and why were you not able to photograph the the toasted garlic bread? eaten at once? love love...happy Tuesday!!! :)