Life is Short, Treasure it!

My lady boss dropped by the clinic earlier while I was busy cleaning and topping up things inside the treatment room. Before she left, she asked for her regular supply of calcium tablets and advised me that I should start taking calcium supplement too. She said that when we reach the 30th mark, we should start taking essential food supplements.

She added that I should take extra care of myself as I'm getting older. Le sigh. Can't really lie with numbers, huh? I am turning 35 this October and I will be lying if I tell you that I am in the pinkiest of health. Sure, I am not under any maintenance medication (thank God) but I always panic when I start to feel something strange in my body (i.e. back pain, difficulty in breathing, etc).

For the sake of my family (most especially my very young children), from now on I promise to take extra care of myself. All thanks to my angelic lady boss for the reminder and for giving me free supply of calcium. In fact, the hubby has been bugging me about taking vitamins but I keep ignoring him because I hate taking medicines and the likes. I can already hear him saying, you listen to your lady boss but you don't listen to me blah blah blah blah.

In fact, what made me decide to open my ears at last are the alarming and sad news I heard today. My lady bosses son's teacher fainted while on the escalator and died. On the other news, our receptionist at the medical centre lobby died from massive cerebral haemorrhage while on holiday somewhere in Australia. Life indeed is short, we have to treasure it and make the most out of it because we'll never know when is our time to go...

So dear readers please take extra care of yourselves, tell your love ones how much you love them and may God bless us all with long enough years on earth to see our children/beloved ones through this fleeting thing called life...


  1. Hi sis, true, Life is unpredictable,
    I'm also as stubborn as you. ^-^ i have to force myself to take my daily dose of vitamins.
    but as we mature, we do need to eat healthy and be fit.

  2. Amen. is indeed too short to waste on negative things..a blessing I have you for my twinzy...I see the meaning in life like me...I kinda hate taking in anything in the form of tables or capsules :( yabyew...drawing inspiration here...too lazy to write still...:)