Lightning Mcqueen Car Party (Gian's 2nd Birthday Celebration Finale)

*The little boy had series of birthday celebration and this is the finale which took place on the night of his actual birth day.


My little boy is very fond of cars, vehicles to be exact. He loves anything with wheels and that explains how he has accumulated a number of cars, trucks, train, and buses in a span of two years. His first car possession is a Lightning McQueen plush toy so I thought Lightning McQueen car party would be appropriate for his 2nd birthday.

I bought this Lightning McQueen party pack at Toys 'R Us. Since it's another intimate party with just the four of us plus the nanny, one box was enough.

The party pack contains 5 party hats, 5 musical ratchets, 5 party eye masks and 5 tinsel blowouts. We used the musical ratchets as car flags.

In fact, we inserted one musical ratchet flag on his Lightning McQueen cake which we ordered from Bengawan Solo few days before his birthday. The number 2 candle was from Bread Talk.

The Lightning McQueen birthday banner was from a party store at Downtown East (sorry, I forgot the name of the store). Hubby added the date, 2nd and the name of the birthday boy. Those tiny balloons are actually water balloons but we decided not to put water because we predicted it's going to be very messy as we have two hyperactive kids who are water magnets. The hubby filled them with air instead of water using a tiny air pump and taped them on the wall as part of the decoration.


The birthday boy plucked the tiny balloons from the wall one by one as soon as he got near them. Just in case you are interested to know where we bought his Lightning McQueen shirt, it's also from a shop at Downtown East.

Here's the birthday boy (noticed the cake icing around his mouth?) playing with one of the musical ratchets. He refused to wear the birthday hat with a string so I took the string out and placed it on his head secretly. The hat dropped as soon as the above photo was taken.

My boy was already a little sleepy by the time we started the birthday celebration for him. Prior to the celebration at home, we went to the church and had early dinner at Pizza Hut after.

This is the only photo where he smiled. All thanks to the hubby who knows where the little boy's tickle prone body parts are exactly located. He never fails to make the boy giggle and burst into laughter.

All throughout the celebration, the birthday boy kept fishing for the cake icing and licked it like it's the yummiest icing in the world. I intentionally hid behind him so that the hubby could take a birthday portrait for him. Who knew the hubby didn't bother to adjust the camera focus? LOL

This and the subsequent photos which I labelled as blissfully chaotic show how much fun we had while celebrating the boy's second blissful and blessed life.

K and I had to blow the candles in behalf of the birthday boy who prefers to touch than blow it. Hubby and I took turns in holding his birthday hat. LOL

We wish nothing but good health and safety round the clock for our smart and handsome little boy. We are forever grateful to God for giving us graciously such a precious child.

 A birthday celebration won't be complete without pancit that represents long life. May we all live long enough to fulfil our dreams and aspirations as family.

For dessert, we had sundaes which hubby bought from McDonalds. Family birthday tradition includes cake (mandatory blowing of candles for the celebrant), pancit or spaghetti, and icecream.

Though we don't have any guests, the birthday boy received this Playskool ABC Adventure Elefun from his Godfather who is hubby's colleague.

We totally forgot about the giant birthday balloons. We were supposed to include this in our birthday photoshoot but it remained sitting silently on the floor without calling out our names. LOL

Thanks and praises be to God for adding another memorable page in the book of our family life.



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  1. joining the celebration with you virtually!!!! hahahaha super enjoyed looking at baby G wanting to dip his hands into the cake!!!! ate K looks so lovely as always and yeah Mondabest truly knows how to make baby G G looks a lot like you...with the gorgeous dimples eh! happy birthday baby G!!!! it does not seem like 2 years...I can still remember conversing with you before you delivered...:D