Missing my In-laws

It's been more than a year since my in-laws visited us here in Singapore. Hubby and I have been meaning to book them a ticket but my sister-in-law couldn't take leave from her work. We pondered about letting my mother-in-law travel alone but it's just too risky.

My mother-in-law have been suffering from weak knees due to a bad fall few years ago. She couldn't walk properly without the help of a walking stick anymore. We are considering to engage rentakneewalker knee scooter rental to make it easier for her to navigate from one place to another and possibly, travel alone to be with us.

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  1. i too wish i could buy my family plane ticket to here Che, however, there are just too many of them :( and my tatay does not want to get out of our beloved hometown, he said if he could not stand manila for a week, he is afraid he will not stand the long flight of 18 hours only to take a flight back home again. hope your in laws could be with you again soon