Pique Nique Food Review

I spotted Pique Nique at Takashimaya some time last year while having an express lunch at KFC. I made a mental note to try it with the hubby or with my bunch of college friends.

You should know by now that I have a penchant for eating places with homey concept. What makes Pique Nique inviting to passers by is it's warm and welcoming interior.

The hubby asked me where I want to eat to celebrate a decade of knowing each other. I wanted a place we've never been to and hubby wanted a place where his wallet won't be punched with a big hole. Pique Nique was the answer. I read Lady Iron Chef's review that the place charge reasonable prices.

I work near Orchard area so I arrived at Pique Nique a couple of minutes before the hubby who's current project is located at One North. As usual, I took the time to take photos with this post in mind. The photo above is their dessert counter. I will show you more of their sweet treats at the end of this post.

If you don't feel like dining in, you can just grab this cute boxes filled with Pique Nique goodies like Danish Butter Cookies, pay it at the counter and take it home to savour.

Should you decide to dine in, choice of table includes:
1) Tables for 4 for your family (if you value a little privacy)

2) Table for the whole barangay (village) for a huge group of people, haha

3) Tables for 4 for you and your girlfriends (if you don't mind less privacy)

4) Table for 2 for you and your BFF (now you know that KFC is right opposite Pique Nique)

There are only a few diners when I arrived. I chose a table with a little privacy for me and the hubby. 

I ordered the big breakfast burger for the hubby because he asked me to decide what to order for him. Knowing men's big appetite and carnivorous nature, I guessed the menu with BIG on it's description was most appropriate. *insert silly grin*

Look at the perfectly fried egg! Of course the beef patty, bacon, grilled tomato, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, sauteed onion complete this BIG breakfast burger. There is also a serving of greens and fries on the side. The hubby liked it hence I call this a fail-proof choice for men with big appetite. *insert toothy grin*

I had the roasted chicken and mushroom mac and cheese. It came with an old looking small pan which brought me back nostalgic memories of my childhood days in the village. 

My first impression was: OMG the pan is too small (see the huge difference compared to hubby's big plate), I think I didn't get value for my money.

Oh boy I was so wrong! When I started digging my pan, I realized it was deep. Not just that! It has generous serving of Cajun style roasted chicken leg and I have to say it was roasted to perfection. The baked elbow macaroni with mascarpone and gouda cheese, and roasted field mushroom is worth salivating about (at least for me because I am a pasta, cheese and mushroom person). 

Like Lady Iron Chef said, all eating places has it's own hits and misses. I am sorry to say that this dessert called sticky dates pudding recommended to us by the Filipino server was a miss for us. As if they used 1kg of sugar to make the pudding. Ok, that was sure an exaggeration but you get what I am trying to say. It was way tooooooooooooo sweet even for Filipino tastebuds (trivia: Filipinos generally like sweet foods) like ours.

Speaking of sweets, here are the sweet treats worth salivating about (or so I thought because I haven't actually tried them but they sure look heavenly)

1) Red Velvet Cake

2) Assorted Cupcakes

 3) Assorted Macarons

4) Blueberry/Strawberry Cheese Cakes and Chocolate Cake

5) Vanilla Marshmallow

6) Assorted Meringue

7) Chocolate Coated Rice Cracker

8) Giant White Chocolate Pecan Nut Cookie

Pique Nique is an American Cafe by Chef Pang Kok Keong.

Pique Nique 
#B1-01 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6238 6705
Daily: 10am – 9.30pm

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  1. ahhhh, too many good foods to see, haha! another example of don't judge the serving by the size of the plate, haha!! sorry about the deseert, but at least, you had all those mouth watering desserts to bring home :)

  2. Love the name "Pique Nique", very catchy and the food looks delicious as well, not to mention the ambiance looks great!

  3. Wow! all are yummy. I like the place and that's one of favourite burger that has egg, I don't why but the favor is really good for me.

  4. I love the country style and rustic design of the restaurant. It is something new and unique.

  5. The place looks dainty and clean. This is the kind of resto I like, just casual but the foods are enticing.

  6. This place definitely looks nice and the food are all so inviting. Love to have a place like this of my own someday.

  7. Oh boy! I am so drooling over here, Doc! The foodies look so inviting! Naku! Suerte ka pala sa order mo, Doc. Di nasusukat sa laki kundi sa lalim. Hahaha! The place looks so cozy as well. Just perfect for your lovely date with the hubs :-)

  8. Cool and cozy ambiance. The foods seems yummy naman.

  9. Sweets, sweets , sweets... when can I have you again in my mouth. No sweets for me for the next months. :(

    Although, that is a beautiful restaurant and I wonder when I can visit there?

  10. I like the name too "Pique Nique" so neat and unique :-) All the food looks delish. Can I have some ice cream pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I am glad that I just eat or else I'll be drooling like crazy :-)

  11. twinzypotsy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa food goodness overload here!!! hahahaha hmmmm gee so hungry here seriously!!! huge grin about the BIG serving for such a huge appetite...so like Kulas :D pass me those sweet heavenly treats please!...you are such an expert resto reviewer...have I told you I am a fan? :)

  12. The place looks really cool and yes, homey too! Plus, the food above just makes me drool.

    MACAROONS! ♥♥♥