My Daughter's Beautiful and Untainted World

I'd love to think that this little piece of art represents my daughter's world. It is lovely, vibrant and untainted.
My daughter is a lover of beautiful things and peaceful environment. She gets very scared when she hears about natural disasters like tsunami, typhoons and earthquakes and she gets heartbroken when she hears stories about wars and riots.

Now that she's in Primary 5, she's learning a lot about Singapore and world history. Last week while having our night playtime in the neighbourhood park, she confessed that the other night she couldn't get herself to sleep because she keeps thinking about tsunami and war. She started crying while re-telling me the stories that her teacher shared to them.

Instinctively I hugged her, kissed her, wiped her tears and re-assured her that there will be no more war anytime from now or in the near future and as for natural disasters like tsunami, she has to cast all her worries to God.

Our conversation went something like this:

K: My teacher told us that during wars and riots, people kill each other mercilessly. It's scary.

MomMe: That was history, anak (my child). It will never happen again.

K: How about tsunami? We live in the second storey and my teacher told us that when there's a tsunami, it could reach up to 4th storey of a building. My classmate already requested her parents to move up to 9th storey.

MomMe: We live far from the sea, even if we live in the second storey we are quite safe. It is true we can't prevent natural disasters from happening but there is God. Cast Him all your fears and concerns and free yourself from worries.

K: Ok, mommy.


The next morning...

K: Thank you, mommy! I was able to sleep peacefully last night.

*Insert mommy's big smiley face and happy heart*

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