Family Journal: Our Happy Weekend in Mommyland

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's time for my favourite subject: Weekend Stories. I just love reminiscing and recording our weekend happenings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Saturday was purely devoted to mommyland as I didn't have to report to work (Thank God for work-free Saturdays). I was still in dreamland when I was disturbed by some baby noise. It was my little boy chanting pee pee as he was awakened by a leaking diaper! Haha! We slept so late on Friday night that both my boy and I didn't realize it was already 10am. So off I took the leaking diaper, washed the boy and fed him breakfast. When I am in charge of the household, I let my boy enjoy some diaper-free hours. The trouble is, he's not potty trained yet. He actually pooped in his pants while playing. I cleaned up his mess and bathed him, afterwhich I encouraged him to take a break from his boy toys and read browse books instead.

Here's my reward for a busy morning with the kids. I found it at the icrecream isle of NTUC Fairprice and since I haven't got my weekly dose of pearl milk tea, I thought it wasn't a bad alternative. It was actually good! My girl didn't like it though but the hubby loved it. He was already thinking of stocking another box in the freezer. LOL.

Sunday, I was in the mood for some spring cleaning. I cleaned and re-organised the kitchen cupboards while the hubby took care of the kids. When I'm done, I was greeted by a very messy leaving room. Does this happen when your husbands take over of the kids too? #JustWondering. Haha!

The highlight of our weekend was attending the Holy Mass. We don't get to attend mass every weekend so we are happy everytime we meet HIM there to praise and thank Him for all His blessings. My family have so many things to be grateful about especially nowadays that the sky is clearer and the air is cleaner.

Thank God for haze-free days!

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