Tea Loft (Ion Orchard)

As I mentioned last Monday on my "weekend report", I went for a brunch after work at Tea Loft last Saturday. I was looking for a place to eat at Ion Orchard when I passed by the cosy place.

My first impression: The place looks very familiar. Did they copy the concept of Toast Box? Hmmmn... Sounds intriguing.

The interior, the menu, the pager, the "feel" is undoubtedly similar, no, the right word is identical to Toast Box. My thought bubble reads: Does the owner of this place have a sense of originality?

On second thought, could it be that Tea Loft might be a branch of Toast Box after all? Apparently yes, I just verified it via my reliable friend Mr Google. But why change the name to Tea Loft instead of Toast Box?

Pardon my nosiness and thank you for allowing me to digress before talking about the food I ordered. When at Toast Box, I usually order the floss bread toast set but when I saw cream cheese toast set at the menu, the cheese lover in me immediately ordered it without thinking twice. I was given two soft boiled eggs, a hot cup of milo and a pager after I paid my order.

Minutes later, my cream cheese toast was ready for collection so off I went to collect at the counter. When I started sinking my teeth on it, I was disappointed because the bread is still soft, it wasn't toasted to my preference. My fault, I should have told them I want it well toasted.

Good thing there's the soft perfectly boiled eggs in dark soy sauce to pacify me. I will just stick to my usual order next time and make sure I tell them I want my bread toasted to perfection.

Cream cheese toast bread rating: 2.5/5


  1. looks yummy, you are so much like me, the soft boiled eggs with soy sauce will pacify me with a disappointed toasted bread :)

  2. probably to cater to high-end clientele perhaps and the fact that its in ion orchard... similar decor but more elegant in my opinion, that or you just take lovely photos :) just my two cents