9 Things People Buy after Having a Baby

You have had your baby shower and picked up those extra things that you know you needed, but are you sure you have everything you need for after you have your baby?  These are the things that people buy after having a baby that you might never have thought you would need.

Personal Items

Many women have discovered that their bodies have very different needs after coming home from the hospital, and these are the items that women often wish they had before they came home and realized they needed them.

Comfortable Clothes

After you give birth, your pregnancy clothes will be way too big, but you will not be anywhere near ready to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes either.  Stretchy bottoms and roomy shirts will be a lifesaver for those first few weeks after birth.

Anaesthetic Spray

Giving birth will leave you sore, and possibly with stitches.  A good anesthetic spray will help you feel better, and it will help you heal a little faster too.  Just avoid any that are antibacterial, they usually sting a bit more than the others.

Stool Softeners

Many women have hemorrhoids after birth, and having a hard stool can make them worse.

Squirt Bottle

You will not be able to wipe yourself after you have your baby, so you will want something to keep yourself clean.  A small squirt bottle will be a lifesaver, and it will help prevent infection too!

Ice Packs and Heating Pads

Giving birth is painful, and it does not go away all that quickly.  An ice pack will help with any swelling when you get home, and the heating pad will help you ease those painful muscles that will make themselves known very quickly.

Maxi Pads and Bed Pads

You will have to deal with a lot of bleeding after you have your baby, and it can last for up to six weeks.  You will need to get long, thick maxi pads to help you deal with this, those flimsy normal pads will be pretty much worthless for the first few weeks.
The bed pads are simply a back up just in case there is a leak during the night.  It will save your bedding, and save you from extra laundry.

Extras for You and Baby

Even though you probably feel like there is nothing else you could possibly need for you and your baby, there are some things that you might end up buying that you never even thought of.

Exercise Equipment

Every woman wants to get back in shape as quickly as possible after giving birth, and exercise is definitely the best way to do this.  Many new moms find out that a good jogging stroller is one of the best things to buy after baby.  They are easier to move around, and they can handle any kind of terrain that you might come across whether you are simply fast walking, or if you decide to incorporate jogging into your routine as well.


  1. Aahhh makes me wish to get pregnant again...to have a huge excuse to eat much...sleep much...shop much and all the other mom privileges hehehe

  2. ahh, reading this reminds me of the sacrifices mom make.

  3. This takes me back, way back. lol