Ultimate Summer Family Day Trips in London

Family daytrips in the sun are one of the things that defined my childhood, remaining in my memory to this day. Whether it was a simple trip to the local funfair or an educational trip to the science museum, such memories are looked back on fondly and with a smile. As a head of family myself now, I find it just as important to create such memories for my kids to enjoy and look back on. Putting together some of the best things for children and families to enjoy in the capital, here is are a few brilliant day trip ideas in London.

Harry Potter London Tour With Muggle Tours

One of the few potential weaknesses that could arise in a family day out is spending too long in the same place, creating tiredness and even boredom after a while. While younger kids can stay forever in the same place, adults and those in the family who aren’t so young, may wish to keep things moving constantly.

The Harry Potter London Tour With Muggle Tours is a fantastic family day trip activity, for several reasons. Firstly every age group loves Harry Potter, and regardless of whether you’re an adult or child, there is a strong chance you will have read the book or watched the film

Secondly, through touring you throughout the sites that inspired JK Rowling and places where bits of the Harry Potter films were shot in London, you also get to generally tour London and do a bit of site seeing, regardless of whether you’re interested in Harry Potter or not.

Thirdly, the tour lasts roughly only two hours, meaning you’ll be able to peel away and find something else to do or something to eat afterwards.


Speaking of finding something to eat, most families in London will be looking for lunch that’s not too pricey but also delicious. Polpo in Soho ticks both boxes with an abundance of simple but tasty dishes.

The spaghetti and meatballs meal here is delightful, as is the sirloin steak and calf’s liver with onions.

The service here is efficient and polite, which is important, especially when you’re looking after a few fussy kids!

Kempton Park

Sometimes the best activities for kids to enjoy are those that aren’t even essentially children’s activities. Sporting entertainments for example are particularly memorable and great fun for children, as it allows them to take pleasure in something that parents too are equally excited about.

The London 2012 Olympics showed London has a plethora of different fabulous sporting grounds, stadiums and attractions to offer. One lesser-known attraction is Kempton Park, in Surrey.

In addition to catching a race here, you can visit local nearby markets, attend a concert or get your kids involved in the quirky children’s entertainments.

Another factor that obviously makes Kempton Park a great summer family attraction is that it’s outdoors, meaning you can soak up sun and have fun.

From horse racing to mascot racing, Kempton Park truly is a memorable day trip destination for adults, teenagers and children.

Barney Grabson is content writter and webmaster. He live in Croydon with his family. He loves to go to London and visit the city.

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