Family Journal: Weekend Parenting No More

Few weeks ago, I read an article about weekend parenting in a newspaper. I have to admit, it struck the cord of my heart strings. Who is guilty of weekend parenting here? I am!!! As a full-time working mom, I only get to spend quality time with the kids on weekends.

Nevertheless, the hubby and I have been exerting extra effort to spend quality time with K and G during weekdays, before and after work. Every morning, the hubby brings K to school while I spend time with G before leaving the house. At night, we bring the kids to the park and play with them.

Our typical weekday nights are spent like this:

I play badminton with K while hubby plays a ball game with G or

Hubby plays badminton with K while I look after G at the toddler's playground or

Hubby and I play badminton while K and G plays at the playground.

Aren't we hitting two birds in one stone? We get to exercise and spend quality time with the kids at the same time. :D


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