Weekend Wanderings

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was fabulously ordinary but before I do the flashback, let me thank God for PSI 21! The skies been pretty blue and the air is so much cleaner and fresher now. We are definitely grateful for the haze-free days!

Now, let me do the weekend flashback using my Instagram photos.

I worked half-day last Saturday and treated myself for a quick brunch at Tea Loft (Ion Orchard) before heading home. Was a bit disappointed that my cheese cream toast wasn't toasted to my preference. In fact, the middle portion of the bread seems like it wasn't toasted at all. Le sigh.

My big girl was ready to leave for her catechism class with my aunt when I arrived home. Took a nap with the little boy and woke up in time for early dinner. We brought the kids at Ikea after dinner. They had so much fun at the kid's area. We went there to buy the room divider on sale but it was already sold out. We ended up bringing home throw pillow cases and a casserole that my aunt requested.

Monday morning, fed and bathe the little boy and brought him at the playground while my big girl read the books she borrowed from the public library. The little boy got tired and hungry from non-stop sliding and spinning and asked for milk. We spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the little boy how to blow candle (yes, his 2nd birthday is fast approaching) and taking a nap.

The big girl reminded us that Monday *today* is school holiday (Youth Day) so last minute we decided to bring the kids at Changi City Point for a night stroll at the ecofriendly-mall. We ended up hovering 70% off goodies at Fox Kids. The cap that my boy is wearing in the above photo is originally priced at $29.90 and we got it for $4.90 only. We also bought a pair of clothes for each of the kids.

There's a reason why I love spur of the moment wanderings. It always usually end up more enjoyable and fruitful than planned family outings. Is it just me or you feel the same way too?


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  1. yep it is not just you hehe...hmmmm super love the kiddo shots enjoying! :)glad glad glad for your haze free SG days! :)