Blueberry Waffle Recipe

My kids love blueberry waffle so much. Every time we pass by our neighbourhood bakery that makes a really good and reasonably priced waffles, we just had to buy one for them to share. I told the hubby we should buy a waffle maker so that the children can enjoy homemade waffle for breakfast, afternoon snacks or midnight snacks or basically any time of the day.

And so we finally bought a waffle maker on massive discount during our spur of the moment evening family walk (that ended in electronic goods shopping) to Singapore Expo one weekend.

Here's the waffle batter recipe I used in my first attempt to make a blueberry waffle using our new waffle maker:
End result: My kids loved it with a generous spread of Frezfruta blueberry jam but the texture and form of the waffle are #epicfail. Haha! They say practice makes prefect. I attempted to make waffle dessert the other night and it was a resounding success! I will share you my secret in another post soon. :)

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