Celebrating a Child's Birthday

When children are young, every birthday is a milestone birthday. Whether they’re blowing out their first candle, are emerging unscathed from the notorious Terrible Twos or are throwing a birthday party for their new school friends at 5, each and every birthday is special and should be remembered. These are memories that the whole family can enjoy together, and there are lots of ways to celebrate the day in a really unique way.

Firstly, birthday parties are the true staple of a child’s birthday. It shouldn’t be about a mountain of expensive presents; it should be about having fun with friends and family. It needn’t cost a fortune either. Some brilliant parties can be held on a budget at your own home or even in the garden. If your child has a summer birthday, have a fun water fight outside. If it’s a winter birthday, opt for party games, music and a buffet lunch indoors.

Make sure you capture their big day on camera. This is becoming easier and easier to do, with all smartphones now equipped with good quality cameras and digital cameras tumbling in price. Image editing software can be downloaded for free, and you can edit the images straight away. If you prefer hard copies, use a disposable camera and enjoy the excitement on the day they’re developed when you can relive the magic of their birthday all over again.

Some birthdays might require a really special experience. One idea we absolutely adore is creating a piece of entirely unique handprint jewellery. A cast is taken of your child’s hand and a jeweller will craft it into a pendant, put it on a ring, work it into a bracelet or anything else you might want. This can be kept for when they’re older, or could be turned into matching pieces for Mum and Dad to wear as a memento of their childhood.

Some companies also offer special personalised birthday gifts such as birthday books, which include the child’s name and some of their interests and names of pets and siblings so that they feel like it’s been written for them specifically. Birthday CDs, comprising songs including the child’s name, are also available, and are the perfect thing to play while they’re opening their presents.

A child’s birthday really doesn’t have to cost the world, and if you’re clever, you can have a spectacular day on any budget. Baking a cake from a cake mix can create something even tastier than something shop-bought, and cut-price gifts such as packs of craft materials and colouring books can go down just as well as this month’s latest fad toy. Have a great day, and happy birthday!


  1. He is getting bigger each time I see him. You need to stop feeding him whatever it is. LOL. Such a charmer.

  2. Birthday books sound awesome! Makes me wish technology was this advanced when I gave birth for the first time..