Christmas is in the Air

Oh, how time flies! I know I've said that gazillion times here on the blog but it's so true. Didn't we celebrate the new year just yesterday? The half year is suddenly gone and now we are almost halfway through the second month of the other half of the year (go figure that out, haha). The ber month is coming right after August and it makes me really excited!

We will be spending our first Christmas in our own house. I can't wait to set up our mini-nativity scene, bring out the Christmas plush toys and decorations, hang the Santa socks for K and G and put up our family Christmas tree. Remember our Christmas tree last 2011? It is adorned with snowmen, candy canes, tiny gifts, sleighs and colourful Christmas balls. 

This year, I would love to add more Christmas ornaments and decorations. It has always been my dream to set up a mini-Christmas village but I think I will start collecting snowbabies first. Snowbabies, seriously? Yes, I am serious! You can click here for dept 56 snowbabies and see for yourself what I am talking about. :)


  1. oh indeed, I see you have a very happy Early Christmas, raining with happine$$ :) love yah Che, keep on sharing the happiness :)

  2. hmmmmm I can imagine your home filled with Christmas spirit already!!