Cleaning a Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms are some of the most underused rooms in a house. You may only have guests to stay once or twice a year, and then only for a day or two at a time. This means that these rooms are often neglected, which can lead to a build up of dust and grime which can be hard to shift without the right cleaning expertise, so here are some tips to get your guest room looking spotless.

Vacuuming is a tedious job most of the time, so it can be hard to motivate yourself to drag the vacuum cleaner round the guest bedroom too, especially when you’re short on time. However, vacuuming regularly prevents the dust from building up in the carpet, which is known to exacerbate dust allergies and discolour the carpet. If you’ve already left it too long, get a professional cleaner to come in and steam the carpets or rugs to give them a thorough clean, then keep them this way.

Another dust-related problem is the dust that settles on surfaces. Lots of people mistakenly believe that if you don’t use a room, there will be no dust in the air to settle. This isn’t the case, and dust can build up very quickly. Opening a window for ventilation from time to time can help prevent the dust from getting too stifling, and remember to wipe over visible and hidden surfaces with a damp cloth to nip it in the bud.

It goes without saying that the bedding should be changed between guests, but remember to check that the bedding you keep in storage hasn’t been attacked by moths. In fact, any fabric stored in a guest room should be checked before use, and you should consider using moth balls in drawers, wardrobes and cupboards to repel them.

As you probably don’t use the room often, it can be tricky to notice if damp appears. Check the room once a week or so to make sure there aren’t any problems like leaking radiators or poorly sealed windows which may be creating a damp problem, so that you can tackle the problem before the room becomes affected by mould.

Remember that it’s the little things that can make a big difference, and you should want to make your guests feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. Even things like making sure the mirrors are clean and the towels are pleasantly scented can make your guests feel very different about their experience in your home, and keeping a guest room clean and tidy is just one way to make them feel like you’ve gone to some effort to welcome them.


  1. cleaning any room is a kill joy especially when you are a busy housewife with 12-hour day job. I can only clean during the weekends and sometimes I have to do other things. it would be nice to get help every once in a while. wink*

  2. Indeed it is the little things that count...makes me wonder when I would be able to visit your home sweet home in SG :)