5 Cycling Safety Tips for your Kids

Bike safety has had a lot of time to refine itself but has been neglected of late. While there should be a display in most stores selling children's bikes on how to prevent yourself getting hurt while you ride it still depends on you to teach children how to stay uninjured behind the handlebars. So leave this at a bike store if you can, maybe someone will learn something.

Proper Helmet usage

Pick the right helmet, be picky about size and never wear a cap or hat under your helmet. It should be worn the right way, cover your forehead and fasten the straps as best you can. Leaving them open can leave the helmet to fall off at the worst moment. Don't throw the helmet around, damage it takes now is damage it can't take later and repair or replace it once you put it through its paces. Knee and elbow pads are always a good idea as well, especially if your child is just learning or participating in off road cycling.

Check the bike

Check your bike thoroughly, you want to make sure the ride is the right size for you and in a good condition. When checking stand straddling the top bar of your bike. There should be between 5 and 10 centimetres between you and the top bar. Make sure your seat handlebars and wheels fit tightly. Check the running of your chain and smooth it out with oil. Also check the pressure of your child's tires and whether or not the brakes stick before you take the ride out.

Seen is Safe

Put reflectors on the bike and make sure your kid rides during the day whenever possible. Teach them to wear bright clothes whenever they ride as that makes drivers far less likely to go smashing into them. Have them wear clothes and shoes with an absence of things that can get caught in a bike chain. Never go riding barefoot or in sandals, they make pedalling awkward.

Where to Ride

Inform your child where to ride and where not to. Make sure they know whether to ride pavement or street and no matter where you ride teach the kid to respect cars and trucks. Even if you're riding on footpath its easy to get hit by a car pulling out of its driveway. A bike path is of course the best option.

Road rules

Sometimes kids will have to ride on the street. It might be worrying but the child needs to know.

Always ride with your hands on the handlebars, always stop and check for traffic in both directions no matter how peaceful the street might seem. Use designated biker lanes and bike routes when at all possible and never ever ride against open traffic. These simple rules can make road riding a little safer.

Kids tend to get hurt, and bike accidents tend to be somewhat serious. Mixing these two is likely to end fairly badly if you don't pay attention. By teaching your child these simple rules they can keep safe, collected and mobile on their brand new bike.

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