Designing A Wedding Party That Flatters You

As the bride, it’s your special day.  Of course, the groom is involved, but any person with any wedding experience knows that the wedding is the time for the bride to shine.  You’ll look beautiful, feel beautiful and treat others beautifully.  One of the first steps in the “treating others beautifully” part of your day is to choose bridesmaid dresses that flatter those around you without taking the focus away from your radiance.  From junior bridesmaid dresses to outfitting the mother of the groom, the tips below will help you to create a wedding party that makes you look great by making those around you feel good.

Friendship First

Your bridesmaids are probably your best friends.  You’ll lose them quickly if you invite them to be an integral part of your special day and then dress them in dresses straight from a horror movie.  Rather than trying to make yourself look better by making them look worse, choose simple dresses that flatter the design and look of your wedding dress.  If your bridesmaids look awful, the attention of your guests will be focused on them, and you may miss your moment to shine.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush into a decision regarding your bridesmaid dresses.  Once you’ve picked your wedding dress, you can choose bridesmaid dresses that complement your gown and fit into the overall theme of your wedding.  When choosing your dresses, look for styles that complement your dress but don’t look too much like it.  If your dress is simple and elegant, try printed dresses for your bridesmaids.  If your dress is embellished, choose something more subtle for your bridesmaids.  The contrast will create a look of perfect harmony in your wedding party.

Size Does Matter

If you’ve got several bridesmaids in your party, you’re probably going to run into some sizing issues.  One dress size will not fit all, and your best friends may have completely different body types.  Typically, dresses with an empire waist or an A-line skirt look good on almost every body type.  When you’re shopping for your dresses, keep the body shapes of all your attendants in mind.  If the frames are too diverse, you may choose to have different dresses made in the same color in order to flatter each of your bridesmaids perfectly.

Use it Again

A good friend would allow their bridesmaids to purchase dresses they would have the opportunity to wear again, rather than something that will go into the back of the closet after the wedding.  When you’re choosing bridesmaid dresses, consider what your friends might be able to do with the dresses after the wedding.  If you’re asking them to invest in your special day, give them the chance to relive the good memories with a dress they can wear after the big event.

Use Their Input

When you’re choosing your bridesmaid dresses, remember that even though it’s your wedding day, the dresses aren’t just about you.  Consider the financial situation of each of your friends, their individual coloring and build and any other special considerations in each of your shopping trips.  No bride wants bridesmaids who end the friendship immediately after the wedding because of the horrific ensemble they were forced to wear.  Show your friends you appreciate their support with dresses that make them look and feel beautiful.

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