Elephant Parade in Singapore

Singapore Memory Project

Some time in 2011, Elephant Parade was held in Singapore for two months. A herd of over 100 colourful and vibrantly painted life-sized elephants swarmed the streets of Singapore.

We found this BLUEtiful elephant right in front of Tang's. My girl loved it so much, she asked me to take a photo as she hugged the elephant's trunk.

*Elephant Parade is the world's largest open-air exhibition dedicated to saving the Asian Elephant from extinction.The one of a kind decorated elephant statues aim to attract public awareness about the plight of the elephant and gain support for Asian elephant conservation. The first edition of elephant parade was held in Rotterdam in 2007. Each elephant in Elephant Parade is a unique art object, painted by master or emerging, celebrity or unknown, local or international artists; all artists donate their work and share the same desire: to save the Asian elephant from extinction and return it to its natural habitat. ~ SOURCE

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  1. oh I want to see elephants parade. too bad we don't have them here.