Vacation Rental Apartments in Florida

Is vacation rental home a better option than a hotel room?

Florida is one of the country’s top tourist destinations. It has Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and Sea World along with other attractions such as Fort Lauderdale Beach, The Castillo de San Marcos, Kennedy Space Center, The Seven Mile Bridge, and many more. These are enough reasons for families to flock to Florida for a pleasurable summer holiday.

Budget Considerations

Planning for a family holiday vacation in Florida should be made way in advance in order to avail of low-budget trips and vacation packages offered by travel agents and local airlines. Running on a tight budget, you should take advantage of the different promotional offers offered to families staying longer than usual in some hotels or resorts.

Accommodation Options

A great bulk of your vacation budget would go to accommodation especially if you have to occupy more than just 1 hotel room. Common accommodations offered in Florida include:

  • Cottage in campgrounds

  • Vacation home

  • Hotel rooms or suites

  • Resort rooms or suites

  • A cottage in one of Florida’s numerous Campgrounds is a perfect accommodation for those whose activities include swimming, wildlife, fishing, and snorkeling. A vacation rental home

    is another inexpensive option for traveling families if you share with another family, splitting costs for food and lodging. It may not be an ideal setup but it certainly will bring down your costs.

    Besides, at peak season, staying at cramped hotel rooms is simply not the way to have a relaxing vacation. A more spacious accommodation at a slightly higher or comparable price may be considered. Due to the state’s thriving tourism industry, Florida has a large collection of beautiful rental homes and apartments and you just have to know where to find the more-reasonably-priced and comfortable vacation rental apartments.

    And the good thing is, you can comply with all the necessary paperwork for booking a vacation rental home via online. A few steps to remember when booking one of the Longwood apartments in Florida include:

  • Search via Internet
  • There are several sites available online providing you with all the information you might need about the vacation rental apartments servicing the Longwood area. From the list of vacation apartments, compare the features (pool, bedroom size, number of bedrooms, etc.), price per night or week, and other service inclusions (property manager, in-house staff, etc.). You can also check the distance of the apartment from the tourist attractions such as the beach, the theme parks, restaurants and shopping centers. You can choose the apartment that is closest to as many as such amenities.

  • Contact the Property Manager
  • As soon as you have picked your target vacation rental apartment, you can contact the property manager or owner through email, indicating your intended dates of stay in the property, number of people staying, and other services you may request.

    Rental Agreement

    The property manager or owner of the vacation rental apartment will respond with a rental contract for you to sign. The contract will spell out the leasing or rental terms and conditions. Go through the document to make sure you have read the fine print and that all agreed upon terms via email are included in the agreement.

    Initial and Final Payment  

    Normally, property managers will require an initial payment to reserve the property under your name. This is standard practice. Make sure they have a secure online payment system to avoid fraud. It is important though to keep in mind that final payment should be made when you’re checking out of the property.

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