Facts About Music

It's a fact that music provides an escape, relieves stress, removes sadness and increases emotional stability and strength. I can see the positive effects of music to my girl who happens to be melomania.

I only learned about melomenia when I read the above tweet of iTweetFacts. My girl is really obsessed with music and she can't live a day without singing or listening to music.

Usual conversation between us at home:

MomMe: Un-plug the earphone, baby. What music are you listening to? I want to listen too.

K: The one from The Beach Movie musical, mommy. I love it! The rhythm is very catchy.

You get the picture. We end up enjoying the music together and I start dreaming about K's own music room. If it ever materialized, we have to save money so that we can buy all the music instruments she needs including a primacoustic recoil stabilizer at musician's friend. Ahhhh, I just love dreaming big dreams! It's free and they say most vivid daydreams do come true so please excuse me, let me daydream some more. ;)

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  1. joining you in day dreaming....I have my own daydreaming for gadgets to do at tlin but too lazy to even dream yet wehehehehe....interested in K's music ....will listen to it later :)