We Love Weekends!

The other weekend, I was determined to burn the excessive calories I indulged into the pass couple of weeks so I encouraged the whole family to go for a Saturday evening walk from our estate all the way to Singapore Expo. To make it fun for K, I let her bring along her two-wheeled scooter. I knew she's going to have a blast going up and down the concrete trail right below the MRT track.

I let the hubby pushed the boy's pram (G refused to walk sometimes so it's always a must to bring his pram along) as I did a walkathon whilst K kept shouting from a distance, "this is so much fun, weeeeeeeee!" as she scoots up and down the hill-y path. "We should do this every weekend, it's so cool! (I meant it literally and figuratively)", I told the hubby while catching my breath from running walking faster. 

The cooler temperature at night (surely makes a lot of difference in this tropical country), the scooter ride full of joy (literally a JOY ride for K), the ever-supportive husband (he went all out chanting and cheering while I tried running) and the jolly G (he kept pointing things and shout "tree!" "bus!" "train!" respectively) made our family night extraordinary. It's one of those spur of the moment things we do and end up enjoying so much.

Speaking of spur of the moment, when we reached Singapore Expo we found out there's an ongoing electronic mega-sale. Good thing we brought some towels to dry ourselves from sweat. The tech-savvy hubby ended up shopping for external hard drives and portable phone charger.  

Been wanting to own a portable phone charger because whenever I go for events via media invites, my phone battery runs out too fast from social media sharing (tweeting, facebooking and instagraming). The mega-sale was a great opportunity to buy one. The hubby gave me a bonus external hard drive as an additional storage for my gazillion photos. He said the offer is too good to miss. 

K and G love blueberry waffles so we also bought a cheap waffle maker. I can't wait to use it and teach K how to make her own waffles. We have yet to buy the things we need to make waffle batter. 

So there goes our family weekend fun that ended up in shopping. We just stayed at home on Sunday and I managed to fix the kids' wardrobe. I got pretty sentimental while doing so. Sorting the clothes that they have up-grown made my heart a little sad because the kids grow way too fast. Gotta baby them while they still enjoy my cuddles and kisses. Oh, how I love the bittersweet world of mommyhood!



  1. who would not love weekend if weekend were like these? ahh, i could almost imagine the happiness in your weekend Che, such joy, joy, and joy!

  2. Weekends are the most enjoyable time and we like to enjoy these with my friends and family. You have shared such great ways to make weekend memorable. Thanks for this interesting post.