Hair Talk: Shiseido Soft Rebonding

Hi mommies and friendzies! Let's talk about hair today shall we? I had the urge to talk about it today because I am actually overdue for my rebonding treatment this year. Like I mentioned here before, I prefer a rebonded fuss free hair. The above photos were taken some time in September last year while I had my Shiseido soft rebonding treatment done at a hair salon in East Point Mall.

The bad news is, East Point Mall closed down for a major revamp that is expected to be completed only around October next year. Now, I am desperate to find a reliable hair salon where I could entrust my fragile hair. The hubby suggested I shouldn't rebond my hair anymore because my wavy, frizzy hair is completely fine with him.

The thing is, IT IS NOT FINE WITH ME. Yes, all caps for emphasis. LOL. I already said that I prefer a rebonded fuss free hair, right? First, it saves me from all the trouble of making sure my hair doesn't fly away any where it wishes to. Second, it saves me time in preparing myself for work. And the last but most important reason, rebonded hair looks great on me personally and photographically. *insert emoji winking with tongue out*

I just searched the world wide web and found Winn's Home Salon which describes Shiseido Soft Rebonding as: Branded good quality Shiseido product from Japan. Absolutely straight hair in great soft and crystallizing shine condition, making hair smooth, silky, easy manageable. I think I'm going there soon. Will let you know the result. :)

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  1. I want to go with you!!!! hubby says he is happy with my wiry hair too but definitely not fine for me....been thinking where to have my hair fixed too again ;)