Kid-Friendly Foods at Pizza Hut

We had a spur of the moment early dinner at Pizza Hut last month while celebrating my little rabbit's 2nd birthday. (Supposed to blog about it sooner but you know, I am constantly distracted with work and mommy duties (and sometimes bugged by writer's block or lazybonitis LOL)  so you can imagine the mountain of backlogs I have for this blog. Sounds too cliche but better late than never.)

While waiting for our food to be served, the birthday boy was entertained by one of the Pizza Hut's crew. The very friendly auntie carried him on her lap and attempted to make him smile. G seldom let a stranger carry him, surprised that he stayed put on auntie's lap for a while before throwing her a dagger look and scurried away. LOL

Photo opp before digging in to the food that the girl and daddy ordered. My hands were full with the hyperactive boy so I gave them the honour to choose what to eat from the Pizza Hut menu.

This was the free kid's meal that the hubby availed by ordering from the a la cart menu (available only on weekdays). Perfect for my chicken lover girl. Loved that it came with veggies.

The thoughtful hubby ordered Chicken Royale for me from the a la cart menu. He knew me too well. Every time we dine at Pizza Hut, I always go for the baked pastas. The Chicken Royale baked to perfection never fails to satisfy my pasta craving.

This was the Roasted Chicken Leg Pasta from the Pasta Perfetto menu that the birthday boy and the hubby devoured. Beneath the generous portion of pasta is a humongous drumstick (see better photo here). Quite apt for two men with big appetite. :D

 According to Daniel, the parchment paper helps to keep the heat in and for the spaghetti to absorb the seasoning more evenly. It also makes the chicken meat a lot more tenderlicious and moist.

 I have to say the parchment paper served its purpose well. The birthday boy tremendously enjoyed the flavourful pasta while daddy loved the tender and juicy drumstick.

This personal pan pizza came free with the purchase of the pasta dish from the Pasta Perfetto menu. Too bad the promotion ended on the 13th of this month already. I know, i know! I should have blogged about it earlier!

This is Strawberry Paradise from the Zesty Fruits Delights chilled beverages. It is a delightful blend of freshly brewed tea, strawberry puree and passion fruit syrup topped with aloe vera bits. Very refreshing!

As our early dinner progressed, the birthday boy decided to eat the pasta by himself using his bare hands. Big sister played her role with flying colours. She asked for a wet tissue and wiped little brother's hands at the end of the meal. Great job, jie jie!


  1. oh, everything looks so yummy Che, and I could almost imagine the laughter and happiness you shared during the birthday boy celebration :)

  2. hmmm. pasta perfecto? I don't think we have that here.