Kid's Wild Imagination

While fixing the boy's playroom during the long weekend, I found his puzzle rubber mat all over the place. I asked K to help me sort it out and put the puzzle pieces back in the right places. Whilst we're enjoying putting the puzzle pieces together, the hyperactive boy kept on interrupting us. To our amusement, as he picked up the puzzle pieces below he identified them as:

From top left, clockwise: BANANA, HAND, SHOE, AIRPLANE. There is nothing extraordinary about identifying the hand but the other three are really a product of my boy's wild imagination. 

It's difficult to explain but I get into really high spirits when I am with the kids doing just anything. Looking at them happily playing and learning, oblivious of the complicated world around them awakens the inner child in me. 



  1. that's so cute, G really has a very active thinking imagination :)

  2. Pretty post. It helps to kids amazing thinking and extraordinary attitude also help to improve their learning skills.