K's Fun Birthday Celebration

Last Thursday, hubby and I took leave from work to celebrate his 39th and K's 11th birthday. Since we already celebrated the hubby's birthday in advance, we planned a fun day for our big girl.

Fun day means she get to do all the things she love and on top of her list is skating so we brought her all the way to bay front to skate for an hour at Marina Bay Sands skating rink. The last time she skated there was in May when my sister and her whole family was in town for a 5 day Singapore escapade so it was like her first time again, but she only fell once this time around. Not so bad compared to her first skating experience way back in June last year. She gets better every session. If only we live around Marina Bay, she could probably skate at least twice a month.

My little rabbit joined me in cheering for her big sister. He heard me saying go! go! go! and echoed me. He decided to watch her big sister through the glass panel. The hubby caught them pretend "kissing" while K took a rest from skating. How sweet! I hope they remain this sweet forever.

After skating, K had her ultimate favourite chicken rice for lunch and mango pomelo with icecream and pearls for dessert. My heart is filled with joy while looking at her devouring her favourite foods happily.

After lunch, we went back to Tampines for a swim. This was a surprise for her. She didn't know we're going for a swim until we reached the swimming complex. I hid all our swimming clothes inside a bag before we left for skating. When I told her she's in for another treat after skating, she asked are we going for a swim? I answered, no we're not because I didn't bring extra clothes. Then again, I know she already somehow guessed our next surprise as she knew we are aware how she loves swimming so much. We dropped by at McDonalds to get her sundae fix too. Happiness overload for the girl.

After swimming, we treated K for shoe shopping at Rubi in Tampines Mall. She also got to choose a cake of her choice at Four Leaves. She loves chocolate so much so she picked the Chocolate Classico which turned out to be super delicious. Our goal is to make the day really memorable for her inspite of not having a birthday party. Mission accomplished. The girl had so much fun!

We love you, baby girl! Don't forget to thank God for all your blessings. May your life be always filled with love and happiness. <3>


  1. Wow, she is indeed a big girl now. Happy birthday to both of them. And congratulations to you for pulling it off really good.

  2. Beautiful memories and sweetly savored!! Blessings to the birthday celebrants.

  3. ...feeling the happiness overload here! that photo of K and G is so cute!! I a sure they will stay super sweet to each other forever....K looks like a lady already! and so pretty like mom :) wishing her good health and all the best in life :)pssttt the choco cake looks so yummmmmyyy!!! hand me over a slice pleaseeeee :D