Cheap Accessories

To date, the most expensive jewelry I own are a pair of gold earrings, a gold necklace and a gold bracelet. As evident from the photo above, they are the type of gold that didn't cost me a fortune because they are not thick at all.

The second most expensive jewelry I have is a set of silver jewelry with pearls. Hubby gifted then to me on our wedding day.

I grew up with the notion that gold, silver and pearls are the only jewelry worth wearing, then this happened: The hubby and I went for a pre-nuptial photoshoot at Jean Yip. It wasn't actually a formal pre-nup pictorial, it was called Jean Yip Couple Makeover but we did it before the wedding so I called it pre-nup photoshoot. I was provided with an evening dress and an inexpensive neck-piece to wear. After that, I was hooked with cheap jewelry.

I started collecting earrings, necklaces and bracelets that cost from $1 to $5 only and discovered the fun of wearing them fashionably or so I thought, haha.


  1. HAHAHA and because of you I discovered the fun in dressing up! Thanks a bunch pretty twinzypotsy! :)

  2. you look so pretty, beautiful and classy Che. I am into cheap jewelry from the start. When I was a kid, my godmother, being single and probably have no kid to spoil with expensive jewelries, I was showered with expensive jewelries, and she requested I really wear them for her. I lost most of them from playing, and when I was in high school, I almost lost my life when a snatcher pulled my necklace away ( it was thick gold with whatever stones). Because it was thick he had a hard time pulling it away, and I cried loud from pain, and because I cried loud, a lot of people saw the snatcher and stopped him, imagine the chaos in the street. I was luckily saved, the snatcher was turned to police but not without a fight ( he had a knife) with others who tried hard to rescue me. After that incident, I never wear any expensive jewelry again! I purposely wear those that looks very cheap, because I actually love them more. Others would tell me expensive jewelry are investment, but I always tell them, I save the money in high interest yields, and I would have no difficulty selling the jewelry for money when a true need arise. Anyway, I believe it is not into the sparkle of the karats we wear that makes us look more elegant, it is our confidence inside that radiates outside that brings the elegance, just like in your pictures. Anyway, I love blings, $1-$5? Bring them on! :)