LookBook: Wrap Around Dress

I rarely wear a dress and when I wear one, I get too conscious and fidgety. Look at the evidence above. Haha! I was caught on camera by the hubby who volunteered as an official photographer during my daughter's First Holy Communion. Obviously, I wore my faux wrap around chanel dress because the occasion called for it. I wore it with a black tube and a cream-cloloured peep toe flats (because I can't wear high heeled shoes when I am with the vertically challenged hubby, hehehe).

I bought the brandless dress in a local retail shop for as long as I can remember (most likely a couple of years ago when I wasn't too fussy yet about wearing imitations, lol) but I only wore it twice if my memory serves me right (I can't even recall what was the occasion when I first wore it). After wearing it twice, I made a mental note to give it away because me thinks, its a fashion faux pas to wear a copycat. What say you?

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  1. Hahahaha hmmm yeah aahh whatever you wear copied or not you look great because you are an angel :) love how you edited this ladylike photo of you...:)